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Hello! Please see the new products we find in biggest food exhebition in the World - Anuga 2017.
Hot pepper sauce Tapatio
Famous red hot chili peper sauce from Califirnai
150 rub
American products line American Garden
Holopeno pappers, maple syrup, BBQ sauce, fresh tomato salsa...
From 499 rub
Nocellara olives from Sicily
Best Sicilian olives. Whole and petted. The new crop!
750 rub/ 500g jar
Novello Olive Oil from Sicily
Amazing extra virgin olive oil from the new crop!
1950 rub/ ltr
EVOO in Dolce & Gabbano style
Great Sicilian IGP EVOO made from olives Nocellara under last fashion events in Palermo
1150 rub/ 750 ml
One of the best olive oil from Tuscony
The winner of BestOliveOil in the World in NY for 2016 and 2017 year
1250 rub/ 500 ml
Boiled fig elexir
Specialitet from Pouglia. Sweet and sour
850 rub/ 250 ml
All items for funtastic grill
3 types of mustards, 3 types of BBQ sauces, 3 types of vegetable garnishes
2150 rub/ set of 9 jars of 300 ml
Nut and fruits snacks in tins
Good for minibar
69,90 rub/ 40 g
Coated sweet and salted almond
Really looks like olives or stowns
159.90 rub/ 50 g
Black pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed in 15 ml
Nice fro roomservice and selfservice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 15 ml PET bottle with metal caps
56.90 rub/ 15 ml
Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing 10 ml snap & pour
22,90 rub/ 10ml
Magic Spice Mixes
Spice mixes in Luisiana style (USA)
1050 rub/ 680 g (24 oz)
Textures and ingredients for molecular cuisine
Any magic powders from Girona, Barcelona (Spain)
from 999 rub/ 350 g
Maldon Salt
Legendar salt from Great Britain in big packages
2990 rub/ kg
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